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Jody Theissen

If sound and music resonate with you, imagine meditation in a sonic container of sacred sounds and chants.  You are invited to embark on a sonic meditation journey as explore and discover the use of sound as a container to go deep.  This class is designed to lead the participant into a greater state of awareness thru the use of vibrational frequencies as produced by some of the oldest instruments in the world.  Compassionately led by Jody Theissen, her blend of Sonic Soul Food is supported by acoustic world instruments ranging from Gongs to Tibetan and Crystal Bowls to Flutes and the comforting tones and drones of the harmonium.  This is a class not to be missed as it is designed to enable the listener to move into a deeper state consciousness.  Thus in turn helps to relax and release that which keeps us from our eternal truth of being love and loved.